Monthly Archives: August 2015

How Does the Tradeoff in NY Workers’ Compensation Affect Employees Today?

What important history lies behind the work injury compensation lawyers Suffolk County residents seek out regarding work-related injuries? A recent blog in the Insurance Journal recently links Workers’ Compensation protection to 18th century pirates, 19th century worksite reform in Germany, and a 20th century tradeoff in New York Workers’ Compensation policies. (more…)...
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Latest Study on Trends in New York Workers’ Compensation

In 2007, sweeping reform was made to the Workers' Compensation rules of New York. Since that time, the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) has been tracking the adjustments to the older regulations. This yearly study has uncovered some interesting facts, and also shows why hiring a work injury lawyer, Nassau based, can help you with questions on the new system. (more…)...
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The Increase in Workers’ Compensation Benefits in New York

Within the past few years, the medical and indemnity costs have continued to increase, but New York has decided to do something about this issue for individuals that receive Workers’ Compensation in Queens. It was recently announced that the New York State Department of Financial Services decided to approve an increase in the Workers’ Compensation loss costs, according to Insurance Journal, and this 5.9% increase will take effect in October 2015. (more…)...
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