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4 Truck Driver Safety Tips

In 2012, 756 truck drivers were killed due to a work-related injury and over 65,000 had to take time off work after a workplace injury. Seventy percent of fatal truck driver injuries were due to roadway accidents. Stay safe on the road by following these four tips:Robert Golan workman’s compensation attorney Long Island

1. Perform regular truck maintenance

A quick check of your truck every morning can keep you safe on the road. Before heading out for the day, make sure your truck is in proper working order:
  • Do your brakes and horn work properly?
  • Are your mirrors intact and correctly positioned?
  • Are your truck’s brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid at the correct level?
  • Are there any coolant or oil leaks?
If anything is wrong with your rig, be sure to get it repaired before starting your drive.

2. Increase...

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5 Most Fatal Jobs in New York

Approximately 140,000 New York workers are injured at work every year, and around 160 are killed in workplace accidents. But not all jobs are equally dangerous. According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the five most fatal jobs in New York.Robert Golan workman’s compensation attorney Nassau

1. Construction

Construction is by far the most deadly industry in the state, with 138 fatalities in 2013. Construction workers face daily workplace hazards such as heights, falling objects, heavy machinery, and dangerous chemicals.

2. Retail

Though retail jobs may not be widely considered dangerous, 17 New York retail workers were fatally injured at work in 2013. Fatal retail injuries are usually a result of hazardous chemicals, heavy machinery, vehicles, or homicide.

3. Truck Transportation

Truck driver injuries and fatalities are on the rise due in part to the increasing...
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Construction Site Safety Tips

The construction industry is the most dangerous industry for workers in the United States, with 937 worker fatalities each year. Follow these three tips to stay safe on the job: Robert Golan worker’s compensation attorney Suffolk County

Double check scaffolds and ladders

Falls are the number one cause of death on construction sites. Keep yourself safe by thoroughly inspecting ladders and scaffolds before using them. Before using a ladder, make sure it is high enough to reach at least a meter above the landing, doesn’t wobble, and can hold the weight of the workers and their tools. Be sure to secure the base and top of the ladder properly. Scaffolds should be inspected by a professional each work day before use.

Be diligent about fall protection

No matter how careful you are while working on a scaffold or ladder, you are still at risk...
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