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Know if Workmans Comp Covers Obesity, Indemnity, and Pre-Existing Conditions

Because of the recent decision by American Medical Association (AMA) to classify obesity as a medical condition, questions have arisen vis-à-vis whether a claim of obesity can affect work comp.Prior to the AMA's decision, obesity was considered by insurance companies to be the result of poor dietary choices. Carriers regard matters of choice such as these as controllable by the insured; and therefore will not cover health conditions that arise from them.On occasion, an insurance company will allocate indemnity payments for disability claims adjusted to include a prior condition. In fact, disclosure is encouraged, for concealment of such can result in a loss of payments altogether.A third of all work comp claimants suffer from obesity. The shrinking of second injury funds is bad news for these claimants, who would be able to cite the AMA's decision when applying for reimbursements if such funds were available. The good news is that...
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How to Gain Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income

If you are currently planning to leave a nursing home or other institution where you are receiving Medicaid support, chances are will need help transitioning. This is especially true when it comes to determining what type of financial support you will need, if you have questions about your SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or other financial questions. Eligibility questions are often the most challenging to deal with when you are first living on your own. Using a prerelease procedure, if you are moving back into the community after you have been hospitalized, living in a nursing home or even jailed, you can apply for SSI benefits before your release. To seek guidance, it may be helpful to contact a social security disability attorney Nassau.The Social Security Administration (SSA) has specific arrangements for prerelease agreements. The process allows applicants to apply for benefits up to several months prior to their release. They...
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Recent Study Displays Benefits to Change in NY Workers Compensation System

A recent article in Claims Journal demonstrates how the reforms set into place in 2007 New York workers compensation are reaching their goals. The latest study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) is the key to seeing the reforms reach their objectives.This recent study by the WCRI makes the fifth in a series that is keeping a close eye on the New York reforms. The plan states that the increase in benefits has led New York to achieve rates that are closer to national norms. The percentages of injured workers who receive benefits have also reduced.At Robert Golan, PC, we help you navigate the complex laws of workers compensation. As a Long Island workers compensation lawyer, we offer a free consultation to discuss your case....
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