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Learn about how to claim your social security disability income for workplace injuries on Long Island and surrounding areas.

How a Nassau Workers’ Compensation Disability Attorney Can Help You Receive Cardiovascular Benefits

Cardiovascular diseases are covered by social security disability benefits granted by the Social Security Administration. Benefits are available no matter if you have had the condition since you were a child or developed it later. That means if you or a loved one has a heart or circulatory disease, you may want to apply for disability benefits, including caretaker benefits, if eligible.

How Nassau Workers’ Compensation Covers Cardiovascular Disability

A stressful job certainly does a lot to increase your risk of having a cardiac event like a heart attack. Conditions like these and the treatments, such as surgery, can make it hard for you to get back to work. Moreover, you may become depressed. There are a number of reasons you may not be able to return to work directly when you have cardiovascular issues, which is why benefits may be important for both you and your family.

How a Nassau Workers’ Compensation...

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Ways Workplace Knee Injuries Can Entitle You to Social Security Disability Income Benefits

The knee is the largest joint in the body, and, in humans, the knee supports almost the entire weight of the individual, which makes the knee very susceptible to injury and forms of arthritis. Many people have had slips and falls, automobile accidents and sports injuries, but it doesn’t matter what type of knee injury you have had, you may be entitled to social security disability benefits, and a Long Island social security disability income benefits attorney can assist you in getting social security benefits.People who work on their knees or on their feet all day, like carpenters, loggers or electricians are susceptible to prepatellar bursitis. This bursitis causes swelling and chronic pain in the front of the kneecap. Contacting a Long Island workers compensation attorney will help you discover how the pain has gotten worse during the course of work you are doing.The more common knee injuries that...
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