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Uncover the most common work injury types that take place in workplaces on Long Island and how our Workers’ Compensation attorney helps.

Robert Golan, PC Overturns Judge’s Ruling and Restores Benefits to Injured Worker

Robert Golan, PC, a worker’s compensation lawyer serving the areas of Long Island, Nassau County, Queens and Suffolk County, recently settled a $250,000 case for a union carpenter who hurt his back at work in 2016. A misunderstanding over the definition of “work” caused the Judge to suspend the $800 per week of monetary benefits to that worker and his family. At most Worker’s Compensation hearings, before monetary awards are made to an injured worker, the attorney for the insurance company routinely asks the worker if he has done any "work" since the last hearing or since his  or her accident. “Work” to the court is defined as any activity that could be considered to be “work” such as bartering or volunteering your services, helping out a friend or family member with a business, working on the books, off the books, etc. Attorneys routinely inform the client of this...
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How to Avoid Neck Injuries at Work

The neck is a part of the body that is particularly prone to injury, especially in work environments. Consider some of these common risk factors for neck injuries:  
  • Repetitive activities – Especially when working at a computer work station
  • Falls
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Falling objects
  • Auto accidents
All of these activities occur often as part of any work assignment, even many white-collar jobs that are assumed to be less risky for neck injuries. The most common injuries are not serious in nature and rarely lead to permanent disability. Instances of injuries such as neck sprains, neck strains, repetitive strain, and even whiplash can be greatly reduced with just a few simple tips and avoid the necessity of hiring disability lawyers.Neck injury needing disability lawyers in Queens NY

Wear Head Protective Gear

Hard hats not only protect the head, but can help protect...
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5 Ways to Avoid Back Injuries at Work

Anyone who does any sort of manual handling tasks such as lifting and moving (objects or people) is at risk for a lower back injury. Most of the time this is a temporary nuisance that does not require the involvement of a work injury lawyer, and can be fixed with rest and the application of ice on the injured area, but there are ways to limit your risk of this common work-related injury.

1 - Use the Equipment Provided for Lifting and Moving Objects

If you have to move objects, most workplaces have equipment such as carts, conveyors, hand trucks and more. If you are working in healthcare or other related fields which require you to move people, take advantage of wheelchairs, adjustable gurneys and patient lift systems that will allow you to move individuals without hurting yourself.Injury at work advice at Queens NY

2 -...

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