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Uncover the most common work injury types that take place in workplaces on Long Island and how our Workers’ Compensation attorney helps.

The Top 10 Accidents in the Workplace a Nassau Work Accident Compensation Lawyer Assists Employees to File a Claim

Nassau workers compensation attorney professionals are kept busy when there are accidents on the job. A Nassau work injury compensation lawyer will want to know all the details about how an employee was injured. This list shows the ten most common ways an employee is injured on the job.1. Violence On The Job – There are arguments that can lead to physical attacks. Training should be given to all employees on avoiding violence on the job.2. Injuries From Repetitive Movements – Using a computer or typing on a regular basis can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and vision problems. Employees should be trained to use ergonomic equipment to help avoid these types of injuries.3. Entanglement In A Machine – Using heavy machinery and equipment can cause these accidents. It is always recommended that employees wear the proper protective gear.4. Accidents In Vehicles – This type of injury occurs...
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Queens Work Accident Compensation Lawyer Answers The Question: What Are The Most Common Injury Types In The Workplace (And How To Prevent Them)?

According to Queens work accident compensation lawyer, Robert Golan, PC, it is possible for an accident to occur at any time and at any place. Most accidents and injuries at the workplace are preventable when employees are taught how they are caused, as well as means to avoid accidents and protect themselves. While no employee would like to become injured while working, there are four prime injuries that could become a reality.

Injuries to the Back at the Workplace

This is the leading cause of workplace injuries due to lifting more than one can carry. Twisting, overextending, improperly lifting, straining, and bending also cause it. In order to prevent this from occurring, proper lifting techniques can be employed offering long-term protection. For example, bending at the knees and never at the waste is the first rule of thumb. Other aid is for more than worker to lift heavy items.

Impact by Hit or...

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How You Can Receive Workplace Burn Injury Work Accident Compensation in Queens

Workplace burns are a common occurrence in the U.S., with over 40,000 incidents reported annually. Out of all of these cases, 25 % of these accidents take place on construction sites. When burns occur, victims require emergency medical attention. These injuries can be permanent, depending on the degree level of the burn injury, whether it is first degree, second degree, or third degree.

Third degree burns are usually the worst, leaving permanent damage, but the pain and suffering that comes along with the lesser degrees of skin burns can be just as intense. Often, burn injuries receive skin-cancer as a result of their injuries. Depending on the setting a burn accident takes place in, workers are often qualified for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Here are some examples of burn settings that typically qualify for Workers’...

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