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Uncover the most common work injury types that take place in workplaces on Long Island and how our Workers’ Compensation attorney helps.

What Employees Face After Having a Work Injury in Suffolk County

Employees face numerous hazards at their jobs on a daily basis. For this reason, OSHA has set out specific guidelines for all types of jobs today. One of the main categories that outline how to have a safe workplace has to do with controlling both physical (i.e. slip or trip and fall accidents) and mechanical hazards. OSHA also sets out guidelines as to when a machine must be inspected, cleaned and otherwise maintained. (more…)...
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How Do I Move Forward with a Workers’ Compensation Appeal

When a Long Island workers compensation law firm decides to represent a client on appeal, there’s always a possibility of dispute after the compensation ruling. The intent to appeal a Workers’ Compensation claim denial can have widespread implications applied at each stage. During the initial appeal process, you may have a victorious ruling in the next stage, after a thorough review of the case records. (more…)...
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