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Uncover the benefits of receiving Workers’ Compensation for injuries on Long Island.

ICD-10 Being Adopted by New York State

According to a recent news article, New York State is in the midst of adopting ICD-10, which is a new medical coding system that is leading to some difficulties for health care providers as well as workers. The new ICD-10 coding system, which is particularly important for the usage with Workers’ Compensation claims, is thought to greatly improve the process of medical billing and classification but it may prove to be a difficult implementation. New York State is one of only 21 states currently adopting the rules, which will go live on October 1st.While New York is adopting the rules, 26 states currently have no plans to adopt it for Workers' Compensation claims but may adopt it for other processes including inpatient hospital billing (three states). This will result in many national health care providers and national insurance companies having to adopt multiple systems that can be difficult...
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If I file a claim for Workers’ Compensation, can I be fired by my employer?

Many people want to find out from a Queens work injury lawyer if they can get fired while receiving or seeking Workers' Compensation benefits. While an employer does not have to keep your job open, you cannot be terminated or discriminated against just because you are claiming or receiving Workers' Compensation.

What happens if I have proof my employer fired me because I filed a claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits?

If you have proof that your employer purposely or intentionally fired you because you filed a claim for Workers' Compensation benefits, you have the right to sue your employer. Because of wrongful discharge, you may be entitled to additional compensation beyond what you're receiving from Workers' Compensation.

Keep Your Employer Informed About Your Intentions for Employment

Our Queens Workers' Compensation attorney finds that having an open dialogue with your employer is a way to ensure that your employment will remain available. Talk to your...
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