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Find out about how to receive Workers’ Compensation on Long Island for injuries in the workplace.

Benefits of Getting a Free Lawyer Consultation from a Workers Comp Attorney

The title of this article should be self-explanatory. What are the benefits of getting a free lawyer consultation from a Workers Compensation Attorney? You save money and time by doing this of course! But how? Read on…    

Saves Time

One of the most important factors in determining if you need a worker’s comp attorney is finding out if you have a viable case. In these cases, a free consultation will help you determine if pursuing a claim is worth your time and effort. You need to get this advice from an expert in New York workers compensation benefits to accurately assess the question: “Should I get a lawyer for a worker’s comp claim?” Your cousin who went to law school and now practices tax law just doesn’t have the knowledge of this particular, specialized area of the law to help you here.Free lawyer consultation Long Island,...</div><div class=Read more  

How Insufficient Staff Leads to Workplace Injuries

If you’ve worked at an understaffed company, you know how difficult and stressful it can be. But did you know that workers at understaffed businesses are more likely to fall victim to workplace injuries and illnesses?

Dangers of Understaffing

Among the many risk factors for workplace injuries, understaffing is perhaps the most often overlooked. Business demands do not decrease when staff is short, so employees must take on extra duties. In an understaffed work environment, workers may feel the need to cut corners or ignore safety guidelines. For example, a retail worker in an understaffed store may lift a heavy box by himself instead of asking for help, or a nurse in an understaffed hospital may ignore a spill in order to check on more patients.

Industries Most at Risk

Workers in health care industries are particularly vulnerable to workplace injuries due to understaffing....

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Types of New York Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Once you know that you’re eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, you may wonder which benefits can you receive. Here are four major types of worker’s compensation benefits available to injured workers.Robert Golan injury at work advice queens, NY

Medical Care

Employers of injured workers are required to pay for their employees’ medical bills. Employees with minor injuries will likely receive this type of compensation alone.

Cash Settlements

Workers with more serious injuries may receive disability benefits. Disability benefits are determined by two scales: partial vs. total disability and temporary vs. permanent disability.Partial and total disability measure the severity of impairment. A partially disabled worker may be able to return to work in a limited capacity and can receive benefit if they must take on a lower-paying job. A totally disabled worker, meanwhile, cannot work at all for a time and receive benefits to supplement their...
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