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Who Is Responsible for Workers Compensation at a Construction Site and Considered the Employer

There can be any number of workers who are employed on a construction project. It really depends on its scope; the size of what is being built and its difficulty. The people who will be near the construction include the architects, the engineers, contractors, managers, and the companies who are bringing extra equipment. Plus, the individual who owns the land may be there too. With all of those people there, it is important to know who is liable for any injuries that occur. Accidents can happen anytime, which is why it is very important to understand the legal responsibilities of everyone working on the construction. Landowner The person who owns the land, where the construction is taking place, can be responsible for certain injuries. They are responsible for any worker who is injured due to a land condition that they had knowledge of, or it is something they should have had knowledge...
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The #1 Step for Construction Workers to Receive Long Island Workers Compensation After an Injury in a Dangerous Working Condition

Construction workers deal with certain dangerous situations and working conditions that many other types of employees never experience, regardless of how small or big of a construction project. It should come as no surprise as to why work-related injuries are actually quite common among construction sites. Since construction workers deal with many dangerous working conditions, it is necessary to follow safety regulations and specifications to help minimize the possibility of a work-related injury. All parties involved with a construction project must meet inspection requirements and follow safety programs to help prevent serious injuries while on the job. However, it is virtually impossible to prevent every possibility that may result in a work-related injury, which is why workers comp is so important. OSHA sets regulations and provides detailed information on how to prevent possible situations that usually lead to injuries. Regardless of the efforts made by OSHA, contractors, and construction workers, accidents still...
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Know if Workmans Comp Covers Obesity, Indemnity, and Pre-Existing Conditions

Because of the recent decision by American Medical Association (AMA) to classify obesity as a medical condition, questions have arisen vis-à-vis whether a claim of obesity can affect work comp. Prior to the AMA's decision, obesity was considered by insurance companies to be the result of poor dietary choices. Carriers regard matters of choice such as these as controllable by the insured; and therefore will not cover health conditions that arise from them. On occasion, an insurance company will allocate indemnity payments for disability claims adjusted to include a prior condition. In fact, disclosure is encouraged, for concealment of such can result in a loss of payments altogether. A third of all work comp claimants suffer from obesity. The shrinking of second injury funds is bad news for these claimants, who would be able to cite the AMA's decision when applying for reimbursements if such funds were available. The good news is that...
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