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Do Injured Workers Lose Their Jobs After Suffering from a Work Accident in Queens?

When it comes to the subject of firing an injured worker, both the employer and the employees are unsure about the specific laws. This is especially true when the injured employee is currently in the process of working with their doctor on their accepted Workers' Compensation claim. It is almost known by all employers that they cannot fire an employee based simply on the fact that they were/are injured. If you have experienced the opposite in your situation, call a local Queens work accident compensation lawyer. (more…)...
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How a Suffolk County Work Accident Compensation Lawyer Helps with Your Concussion Case

Obtain Legal Advice for Concussion Symptoms
A concussion is the term used for a minor traumatic brain injury that can occur when the head hits an object or a moving object strikes the head. Loss of consciousness may or may not occur, but concussions can affect how the brain works. A local Suffolk County work accident compensation lawyer is someone who knows how and when to obtain proper medical treatment for post-concussive symptoms, which vary from person to person and can lead to headaches, changes in alertness or loss of consciousness. (more…)...
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