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What to Do When You’re Faced with No Choice but to Seek Workers’ Compensation

If you are at home with an injury from work, you may wonder if you are able to continue to work or have to change jobs as a result of the injury. Being injured at work can result in you not being able to continue to work, and it may also result in having huge medical bills you cannot pay. (more…)...
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How a Nassau Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Helps with Workers Exposed to Toxins

By their very nature, harmful substances pose a real threat to human life. These substances fall into categories that include toxins, hazardous chemicals and contaminants. Exposure to any hazardous chemicals or toxic substances in a work environment can cause potentially life threatening illnesses, injuries and even death. Unfortunately, damage isn't limited to just the workplace environment because it's possible for hazardous toxins and dangerous substances to extend to the outlying community, as well. (more…)...
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