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Who is Not Eligible for New York Workers Compensation Benefits – Part 2

There are some categories of workers who are not eligible for workman’s comp in New York and before consulting a worker’s comp attorney, it is a good idea to see if you fall into one of these categories. Last month in part one of our two-part series on who is not eligible for New York workers compensation benefits we covered these groups:  
  • People Who Are Covered Under Other Workers’ Compensation Systems
  • Volunteers for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Amateur Athletes
  • Independent Contractors
Again, the general rule of thumb to follow as a business owner is that you need to get workers compensation insurance if you hire an employee. But again, there are categories of people who are not eligible for New York Workers Compensation Benefits. Spouses and Minor Children of Farmers The spouse and minor children (under 18 years old) of a farmer, who employs them as help, as long as they are not under...
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5 Signs of Repetitive Motion Injuries

The location of the most common repetitive motion injuries is around the hands, wrists and elbows. These areas are the most vulnerable because they are the areas of the body most commonly involved in the repetitive motions that lead to the injuries. Performing the same activity over and over again is the cause and people such as factory workers assigned to one specific task doing the same action hour after hour can lead to strain and eventually injury. Other activities prone to repetitive motion injuries include typing, playing musical instruments, using a specific tool to perform the same task. Most of the time these injuries can be prevented by having your employer assign different work tasks, giving you more breaks or supplying the appropriate ergonomic equipment for the job and won’t end up being a worker’s compensation issue. Injury at work advice Queens NY
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