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4 of the Most Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

The causes of most common workplace injuries can be traced back to several specific events. Many of these injury causes can be eliminated and prevent injuries before they occur, and reduce a need for any employees or customers to hire an injury at work lawyer.  

1 – Unsafe Work Environment

This is a broad category that can cover a lot of different elements. These elements also depend on what industry that you are in. One of the common causes of an unsafe work environment is failing to deal with a problem that clearly leads to a dangerous situation. For example, failing to hire a professional snow and ice management company to clear your parking lots and walkways after a storm may lead to slippery conditions that can hurt your customers or employees. Workers comp lawyer Queens, NY Another example might be failing to repair a...
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Robert Golan, PC Overturns Judge’s Ruling and Restores Benefits to Injured Worker

Robert Golan, PC, a worker’s compensation lawyer serving the areas of Long Island, Nassau County, Queens and Suffolk County, recently settled a $250,000 case for a union carpenter who hurt his back at work in 2016. A misunderstanding over the definition of “work” caused the Judge to suspend the $800 per week of monetary benefits to that worker and his family.   At most Worker’s Compensation hearings, before monetary awards are made to an injured worker, the attorney for the insurance company routinely asks the worker if he has done any "work" since the last hearing or since his  or her accident. “Work” to the court is defined as any activity that could be considered to be “work” such as bartering or volunteering your services, helping out a friend or family member with a business, working on the books, off the books, etc. Attorneys routinely inform the client of this...
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