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What Are Worker’s Compensation Benefits for New York – Part 1?

This is the first of a two-part blog series that defines the worker’s compensation benefits for New York so you understand what is available for you. The first step you should take before navigating this complex system is to hire a workers compensation attorney to represent you to make sure you get the right advice during this process. Getting workers compensation benefits Long Island, NY

Cash Benefits

Cash benefits are meant for individuals who have been injured on the job. The amount of those benefits is based on that individual’s average weekly wage for the previous year. The individual receives 2/3 of that average weekly wage × his/her %age of disability to calculate the weekly cash benefit.

The individual does not receive cash benefits for the first seven days of the disability, unless the injury or disability causes that individual to miss more than fourteen days of work....

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What are the Penalties for Not Having Workers Compensation Insurance?

New York workers’ compensation law is quite simple. If you are an employer in the State of New York you are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for all of your employees with limited exceptions. These exceptions are covered in our two-part blog series: Who is Not Eligible for New York Workers Compensation Benefits.  

Who is Responsible?

The owner or partners of a company are personally liable for obtaining workers’ compensation insurance. For corporations this is the responsibility of the president, secretary and treasurer of a corporation. New York Workers Compensation Benefits

What Proof is Required for Workers Compensation Coverage?

The employer needs to have proof that it has a valid, up-to-date workers’ compensation insurance policy, proof that he/she is self-insured for workers’ compensation, or proof that the company is legally exempt from obtaining workers’ compensation coverage. In all of these cases, the business is also...
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