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Keeping Construction Workers Safe

There are hazards present in every work environment but some jobs are more dangerous than others. According to statistics collected by OSHA, 2.8% of workers will suffer a work-related illness or accident each year.

Construction Accident Statistics

There were 14 work related fatalities per day in 2017 totaling roughly 5110 for the year. Of those, construction site accidents that resulted in fatalities were 971. That is approximately 20% of all work-related fatalities. Construction site accidents lawyer Suffolk, NY In New York the percentage was higher. The New York Post attributes 37.5% of work-related deaths of 2016 in the state to construction accidents.

Top Causes of Construction Site Fatalities

The leading causes of construction site fatalities are:
  • Falls-Workers climbing ladders and standing on elevated platforms create risks for both the workers above and those below. Items accidentally dropped from a height can strike workers at ground level.
  • Workers being struck by...
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5 Simple Exercises to Reduce Neck Pain

Neck pain is a reality for many people in the modern world. Whether this is due to an injury at work, poor sleeping positions, or too much time spent bent over a computer, these five exercises can help decrease pain and increase flexibility and avoid a debilitating injury that may require a lawyer for a disability appeal. Neck injury at work advice Queens, NY

Shoulder Rolls

Rolling the shoulders can alleviate the tension in the back and neck while loosening up the muscles. Sit or stand straight. It can help to imagine there is pole going through the center of your body, like that of a scarecrow. Use this image to keep your spine straight as you slowly roll your shoulders forwards. Your arms should hang at your sides and the movement should be focused solely on your shoulders. Start with the left shoulder. Roll it forward. You...
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