4 of the Most Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

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The causes of most common workplace injuries can be traced back to several specific events. Many of these injury causes can be eliminated and prevent injuries before they occur, and reduce a need for any employees or customers to hire an injury at work lawyer.


1 – Unsafe Work Environment

This is a broad category that can cover a lot of different elements. These elements also depend on what industry that you are in. One of the common causes of an unsafe work environment is failing to deal with a problem that clearly leads to a dangerous situation. For example, failing to hire a professional snow and ice management company to clear your parking lots and walkways after a storm may lead to slippery conditions that can hurt your customers or employees.

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Another example might be failing to repair a leak in the roof that causes water to collect on a floor where someone may slip and fall. Failing to follow state and local building codes would be another example of creating an unsafe work environment.

2 – Inadequate or Outdated Safety Equipment

Almost every job has some sort of safety equipment for an employee to perform his or her duties safely. Whether these are hi-visibility safety vests and clothing for roadside work crews, or fire helmets, hoods and boots used by firefighters on a rescue, the safety equipment needs to be frequently inspected, repaired and/or replaced to prevent dangerous situations that may cause injury.

3 – Improper Job Training

Good job training on the tasks and steps associated with an employee’s assigned responsivities is essential for preventing workplace injuries. Even something as simple as training a warehouse worker the proper way to lift boxes can prevent numerous accidents and injuries. Teach an employee the right way to do things will keep that employee safer in the long run and reduce serious injuries in the workplace.

4 – Not Enough Staff to Handle Workload

Inadequate staffing is a huge contributor to workplace mistakes, accidents and injuries. When a business is understaffed, it means everyone else must work harder and faster to provide an adequate level of service. This often leads to employees taking shortcuts to get things done faster, skipping proper safety procedures in the interest of saving time, not to mention the additional stress and burnout the added workload creates. Exhaustion impairs judgement and increases the likelihood of, and seriousness of these mistakes.

This is especially a problem for healthcare workers who work often chronically short-handed, yet must maintain proper care of their patients.

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