4 Common Mistakes a Worker Makes After Being Injured at Work

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When you get hurt on the job, you are not always thinking clearly right after the event. Maybe you are in shock, maybe you are in great pain, or maybe even you don’t think you are hurt too badly, and as a result you make one of these common mistakes when filing a workers’ compensation claim:

Not Reporting the Injury

All employers in New York are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. But in order to file a claim you must report it to your supervisor as soon as possible–but no later than 30 days after the incident. The sooner you report it, the better. Not reporting the injury immediately may cause a dispute between you and your employer (or the employer’s insurance company) about the injury being work related or not. A written injury report works best. Most workplaces have incident or injury report forms on site.

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Incomplete Injury Report

After getting injured, you need to make sure that you report all of the injuries that you suffered. For example, if you fell and broke your ankle, but not mention that you hurt your back in the fall as well, adding it to the report later might look suspicious to the employer or the employer’s insurance company.

Not Getting a Comprehensive Medical Exam

After a workplace injury it is not always apparent the extent of the injury or the how much the injury has impaired you. It is important to be examined by a medical professional and have that exam documented so that you are aware of the damage and how it might limit your ability to earn an income. This also protects you from your employer accusing you of exaggerating the injury

Not Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney should be one of the first things you do when suffering from a serious workplace illness or injury. A solid workmans’ comp lawyer will make sure that you get the proper benefits and medical treatment that you need and that your employer pays for it.

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