4 Guidelines to Follow After a Work Injury

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Robert Golan

If you have been injured on the job, you should know your rights and what you are entitled to, and you should especially know how to obtain compensation for your medial bills and lost wages. Benefits for injuries are not automatically given. You have to apply for them to receive this compensation.

Should You Trust Your Employer to Pay Compensation?

Never assume that your employer will do the right thing by you. Always back-up all your paperwork, and keep a record of everything that happened to you. To get the paperwork to back up your claim, you need medical treatment from a licensed doctor or medical facility.

Get Seen by a Doctor

Be sure to get treatment right away. No matter how small the incident seems, it could get worse over time. If you were severely injured, ask for forms from your employer to take along to the hospital. They are used to authorize medical treatment in case of injuries on the job. After treatment, you will need to submit any bills the hospital gives you right away to be sure that they pay them.

Always Report an Injury

Even if a supervisor or employer tells you not to report an injury, do it anyways, and file the proper paperwork for it. If the papers are not submitted, you could miss out on necessary benefits.

Always submit any medical evidence that you have along with your claim. If you don’t then it might also cause a denial of benefits. If you need any help with knowing what to submit, call our Queens work injury lawyer for assistance.

Do Not Use Sick Leave or Vacation

Do not let an employer or supervisor tell you that you have to use your sick leave or vacation time to cover your leave of absence due to a work injury. All pay that is missed due to an injury must be requested through forms on a regular basis until you are able to return to work.

If you don’t submit this form, you might not receive compensation. If the doctor clears you to go back to work, it is suggested that you do so right away, but follow the doctor’s orders as far as any restraints to what you can physically do.

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