5 Reasons Why You Need a Workers Comp Lawyer

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New York workers compensation benefits are not easy to understand by a layperson and there are many reasons you need to hire a worker’s compensation attorney if you have been injured on the job.

1 – Getting Adequate Compensation for Your Injuries

An insurance company’s job when assessing work injury claims is to get the claim dismissed or settled at the lowest possible cost to the insurer. A good workers compensation lawyer can make sure that what you receive is fair and takes all of your expenses into consideration. Not just for lost wages, but medical bills and possible future medical expenses if you end up with a permanent disability.

Workers comp lawyer Queens, NY

2 – Appealing Cases (if necessary)

About half of all workers compensation claims are won during an appeals process. Insurers use every trick in the book to make you (and your claim) to disappear. And if you accept the initial argument and give up, the insurance company wins. A worker’s compensation attorney knows the tricks and techniques that insurance companies use to get legitimate claims dismissed, and know how to overcome them and help you win the compensation you are due by law. A worker’s comp lawyer is essential when appealing a workers compensation decision.

3 – Getting Experienced Representation

Even the simplest workers compensation cases can be complicated to the legal system. Especially when the insurance companies complicate the process and the courtroom is no place to be if you are not a worker’s compensation attorney. There are too many regulations and requirements that you need to know in order to file a worker’s compensation claim and receive benefits from it. Do not go it alone. Hire a worker’s comp attorney to represent your interests in the case.

4 – Winning Pre-Existing Disability Claims

Occasionally taking on a new work assignment exacerbates an existing injury. When you have this type of injury, it is very difficult to prove that you are eligible for workers compensation benefits. A good workman’s comp lawyer can work with medical professionals to determine if the new injury deserves benefits and get them for you.

5 – Missing Details Lose Cases

Filling out paperwork incorrectly, failing to get a proper medical assessment for an injury claim, or answering a question in front of a judge in the wrong way can cause you to lose your workers compensation case. An experienced workers compensation lawyer has been through the process hundreds of times and knows exactly what is required for your case, what questions to ask and what questions need to be answered in order to receive the benefits that you are entitled to.

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