5 Simple Exercises to Reduce Neck Pain

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Neck pain is a reality for many people in the modern world. Whether this is due to an injury at work, poor sleeping positions, or too much time spent bent over a computer, these five exercises can help decrease pain and increase flexibility and avoid a debilitating injury that may require a lawyer for a disability appeal.

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Shoulder Rolls

Rolling the shoulders can alleviate the tension in the back and neck while loosening up the muscles.

Sit or stand straight. It can help to imagine there is pole going through the center of your body, like that of a scarecrow. Use this image to keep your spine straight as you slowly roll your shoulders forwards. Your arms should hang at your sides and the movement should be focused solely on your shoulders.

Start with the left shoulder. Roll it forward. You will want to move your shoulder in a clockwise position. This is a small movement. Similar to a shrug.  After you’ve completed a shoulder roll on the left side move to the right. Alternate between the two until you have counted to twenty (ten rolls on each side). Now, do the same thing but roll your shoulders backwards instead of forward. Breathe deeply as you roll your shoulders, letting the tension drain from your body. Next, roll your shoulders forward at the same time to a count of ten. Then roll them backwards to the count of ten, taking deep slow breaths with each roll.

Chin Lifts

Stand or sit with your spine straight and your shoulders back. Gently lower your chin to your chest as you take a deep breath in. Let your chin rest against your chest for the count of three, feeling the gentle stretch. Then, slowly bring your chin back up as you exhale. These can be done in counts of ten.

If you would like, you can place your hands on the back of your head and gently apply pressure as you lower your head to increase the stretch on your neck.

Ear Bob

Stand or sit with your spine straight and shoulders back. If you are sitting, you can hold onto your chair for added stability.

Very slowly bend your head to the left until your ear is lined up with your shoulder. Your ear shouldn’t touch the shoulder. Instead, it should hoover above it. Don’t force the movement. Extend your neck only to where you are comfortable. Hold for a count of five then slowly bring your neck back to the center position. Now switch and do the same thing on your right side.

Remember to take deep relaxing breaths as you stretch. Do these to a count of ten (five left and five right).

Hand Clasps

For the hand clasps you will need to be standing. Start with your spine straight and your shoulders back.  Lift your arms out in front of you so they are level with your chest. Bring them together and clasp them gently. Slowly lower your neck forward, feeling the gentle stretching through your back, neck, and shoulders. Hold that position for the count of five.

Next, bring your neck back to the starting position and slowly lower your arms to your side. You should be in the same position as you started.

Now, reach behind you and clasp your hands behind your back. Your arms can hang low. Don’t attempt to lift them up. Just clasp them gently behind your back. Lower your neck slowly towards your chest, feeling the gentle stretch of your arms, back, and neck. Hold for the count of five, then slowly bring your neck back up and your arms gently back to your sides.

Neck Roll

Sit or stand with your spine straight and your shoulders back. Slowly roll your neck in a clockwise motion. Slide it gently over your shoulder then down to your chest, back over the shoulder, and back to the starting position. It is normal to hear some cracking and feel some stretching as you do this though there shouldn’t be any pain. Make sure to breathe in and out slowly as you roll your neck.

Roll clockwise to the count of five then return to your starting position. Gently move your neck from side to side for a moment of rest. Then begin to roll your neck counter-clockwise for the count of five.

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