5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Collecting Workman’s Comp Benefits

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Robert Golan

While receiving workman’s comp benefits it is important to be mindful of your actions. It is common for insurance companies to be on the lookout for cases of fraud. If they feel you have been dishonest about the extent of your work injury they can stop paying your workman’s comp and also have you prosecuted. To avoid losing your workman’s comp and becoming the center of a fraud investigation, there are several things you should never do while receiving workman’s comp.

1. Don’t Go on Vacation Without Discussing it with Your Attorney for Worker’s Compensation

Going on vacation shortly after an injury that has qualified you for workman’s comp can have the insurance company taking a hard look into your life and your case. This may have been a planned vacation. It may be completely innocent. Consulting your worker’s comp attorney before going on any vacations will allow them to advise you of potential pitfalls to be aware of. They can look at your specific circumstances and help you avoid actions that would interfere with your workman’s comp collection.

2. Don’t Work

Don’t get a part-time job. Don’t work for yourself. Workman’s comp is about healing from a work-related injury and if you are found to be working you may lose your workman’s comp.

3. Don’t Skip Doctor Appointments

Your focus, while receiving worker’s comp, is to recover so you can return to work. You should make every effort to go to all your doctor appointments and therapy appointments. If it looks like you aren’t trying to work with the doctors on your recovery, your workman’s comp could be withdrawn.

4. Don’t Do Intense Physical Activity

You should assume that you are being watched by a private detective at all times and that your neighbors are being interviewed about your activities. Something as simple as mowing the lawn or unloading your car could be used against you, depending on your injuries. Comply with all the limitations your doctor has given you and think carefully about your actions. If something seems unwise, it probably is.

5. Don’t Post Questionable Photos on Social Media

Photos don’t always show the entire truth of a situation but posting a picture where it appears you are engaged in activities that go against your restrictions can get you into trouble even if you didn’t actually do anything wrong.

Injured worker lifting dog in a photo against his attorney for workers compensations advice Nassau, NY while on vacation
If you aren’t supposed to be lifting more than twenty pounds there shouldn’t be social media pictures of you lifting your thirty-five-pound pooch for a kiss.

If you aren’t supposed to stand for long periods don’t post pictures of you standing at the grill or in a long line to buy concert tickets. If you think there is any chance a photo could be misconstrued don’t post it.

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