5 Ways to Avoid Back Injuries at Work

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Anyone who does any sort of manual handling tasks such as lifting and moving (objects or people) is at risk for a lower back injury. Most of the time this is a temporary nuisance that does not require the involvement of a work injury lawyer, and can be fixed with rest and the application of ice on the injured area, but there are ways to limit your risk of this common work-related injury.

1 – Use the Equipment Provided for Lifting and Moving Objects

If you have to move objects, most workplaces have equipment such as carts, conveyors, hand trucks and more. If you are working in healthcare or other related fields which require you to move people, take advantage of wheelchairs, adjustable gurneys and patient lift systems that will allow you to move individuals without hurting yourself.

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2 – Learn How to Lift Properly

The best way to prevent lower back injuries is learning how to lift properly. Use the following lifting guidelines:

  • Use your legs and core to lift, not your back.
  • Hold the object close to your body.
  • Never twist when lifting.
  • Get a co-worker if an object is too heavy to lift by yourself.

3 – Take Frequent Breaks

This is especially important if you are performing routine, repetitive tasks. Other factors that should be considered are the speed of the work, the weight of the objects, how the objects are being moved, and even the temperature in the work area. Working in a very hot or very cold work environment can put you at additional risk for injury if you don’t take breaks often enough.

Even sedentary jobs can be hard on your back if you don’t get up and stretch every once in a while, or if you are not working at an ergonomic work station or with non-ergonomic tools and equipment.

4 – Use Good Posture

Using good posture while standing and sitting can prevent stress on your back as well as other areas of your body.

5 – Trust Yourself

If you are getting tired, or start to feel the beginnings of stress or strain on your back, take a rest. Your body knows when it needs a break, so don’t let unnecessary urgency to complete a task guide your actions.

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