Are You a Burn Victim? Get a Workman’s Compensation Attorney

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Robert Golan

From electrical shock to car accidents, kitchen fires to acid spills, you can be seriously injured at home, work, or on the road. These burns fall under three separate categories: electric, chemical, and thermal burns.

Categories of Burns

  • The most common of all burns are thermal burns. If skin is exposed to a high heat source, these types of burns occur. These heat sources can include fire, boiling water, the sun, and even steam.
  • When skin is exposed to a harsh chemical, a chemical burn occurs. Regular household cleaners can cause these, as well as acids and solvents. Eyes and skin are both vulnerable. These burns cause the sufferer extreme pain and are difficult to treat.
  • Electricity is something we live with everyday, yet it can cause severe injury and even death.

Degrees of Burns

When burnt, skin is immediately damaged and subsequently dies, and the burn is then classified depending on how deep the wound is. The three degrees of burns are first, second, and third.

  • When only the top layer of skin is damaged and dies, the burn is considered first degree.
  • When lower layers of skin dies, this is considered a secondary burn.
  • Third degree burns go deep, through several layers of skin and down into the muscle.

First-degree burns generally do not need medical attention. Second degree burns may, but generally heal on their own. Third degree burns must have attention, and the treatment can run from ointment to skin grafts and hospital stays.

If you are the victim of a burn on your job, be sure to obtain an adequate Workmans’ Compensation attorney in Queens.

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