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What Do You Need from a Doctor for Workers’ Comp Cases?

Depending on your state's laws there may be two different doctors involved in your workers’ compensation case. One is there to perform an IME or an independent medical exam. This doctor typically will not be involved in your care and is only there to give findings about your injury. The other, more important, doctor will be the one caring for you and coordinating your care.

Can I Go to My Primary Care Doctor?

State laws vary. Some states allow you to see your family doctor while others allow the insurance company or your employer to decide what doctor will treat you. There is often a concern that doctors chosen by anyone but the patient will exhibit bias. They may understate injuries in their documentation, avoid sending the patient to costly specialists, and force the patient to return to work too soon. If you feel like the physician caring for you doesn't...
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Should I Sign an Insurance Company Workers Comp Claim to Settle?

You've been the victim of a work accident or injury and the insurance company wants you to settle. They are offering you money today if you just sign on the dotted line. Should you take the offer, counteroffer, or pursue your day in court? Settling workers comp claims Nassau, NY There isn't an easy answer to this question.

Advantages of a Settlement

There are two main advantages of accepting a settlement. The first of those advantages is time. Taking a case to court can draw it out for months and often years. Signing the settlement gets you cash in hand sooner. The second advantage is that, once you sign, you are guaranteed to get the money agreed upon. If you take the case to the court there is always a chance you will lose your case or that the amount you are granted will be less than the settlement offered.


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What are Some of the Conditions That Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Occasionally, people realize they are struggling to perform the duties of their job due to medical conditions but mistakenly believe their condition isn't eligible for social security disability. They believe that social security disability is for other people who perhaps are legally blind, paralyzed, or otherwise more severely impaired than they are. They don’t realize that social security disability is there to help people suffering from a wide range of conditions which limit their ability to work. A construction worker who has a qualifying social security disability Nassau, NY There are some conditions that automatically qualify a person for social security disability. Not having one of the listed conditions doesn't exclude a person from getting social security disability. However, there are specific conditions that automatically qualify a recipient for disability benefits if the proper criteria is met. If you believe you have a...
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