Benefits of Getting a Free Lawyer Consultation from a Workers Comp Attorney

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The title of this article should be self-explanatory. What are the benefits of getting a free lawyer consultation from a Workers Compensation Attorney? You save money and time by doing this of course! But how? Read on…

Saves Time

One of the most important factors in determining if you need a worker’s comp attorney is finding out if you have a viable case. In these cases, a free consultation will help you determine if pursuing a claim is worth your time and effort. You need to get this advice from an expert in New York workers compensation benefits to accurately assess the question: “Should I get a lawyer for a worker’s comp claim?” Your cousin who went to law school and now practices tax law just doesn’t have the knowledge of this particular, specialized area of the law to help you here.

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Saves Money

If you get injured on the job and end up unable to work due to the injury, you already are losing money. In addition, if you needed medical care as a result of these injuries and don’t file a worker’s compensation claim, you may lose out on an opportunity to have the business where you were injured pay your medical bills so you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket. If you are injured severely enough, it is possible that you are eligible for cash settlements for your temporary or permanent disability, as well as possibly eligible for social security and supplemental benefits. This won’t make up for the loss of your ability to make a living, but it will help.

Gets Workers Comp-Related Questions Answered

There is no better way to get your questions than asking a worker’s comp lawyer during a free lawyer consultation on the subject. There is only so much research you can do on the internet about a particular situation, and at some point, you will need the advice of a worker’s compensation expert to resolve the issue. Getting a free consultation about your case is a risk free way to get answers.

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