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What are Some of the Conditions That Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Occasionally, people realize they are struggling to perform the duties of their job due to medical conditions but mistakenly believe their condition isn't eligible for social security disability. They believe that social security disability is for other people who perhaps are legally blind, paralyzed, or otherwise more severely impaired than they are. They don’t realize that social security disability is there to help people suffering from a wide range of conditions which limit their ability to work. A construction worker who has a qualifying social security disability Nassau, NY There are some conditions that automatically qualify a person for social security disability. Not having one of the listed conditions doesn't exclude a person from getting social security disability. However, there are specific conditions that automatically qualify a recipient for disability benefits if the proper criteria is met. If you believe you have a...
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5 Questions to Ask a Worker’s Comp Lawyer

You've just scheduled your free lawyer consultation with a worker’s comp lawyer but now you have no idea what to do next. Below are five questions you should be asking during that free lawyer consultation to find the best attorney for worker's compensation to represent you.

1. What is Your Experience?

This may seem obvious but during the free lawyer consultation is the perfect time to find out about the attorney and their practice. How many workers comp cases does this lawyer typically deal with? You want a lawyer who primarily deals with worker's compensation cases. Law is an extremely specialized field. When you are searching for lawyers for worker's compensation you want to be sure your attorney specializes in that field. An attorney whose practice specializes in worker’s compensation will have experience as well as the most up to date information on any worker’s compensation law changes. Client... 						</div>
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What is a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Social Security Disability Insurance is a Federally run program that provides supplemental income for those with disabilities that make it difficult for them to maintain employment. If you are unable to work due to a disability you might be eligible to receive these benefits. Individuals who believe they qualify for this benefit need to apply through the Social Security Administration or SSA. Social Security Disability Lawyer in Long Island, NY

Initial Application

Hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer at this point in the process can save valuable time. They can help the applicant gather documentation of their disability. They also can help the applicant choose the best wording on their application to increase the likelihood of their acceptance. A Social Security Disability lawyer is especially vital if the applicant's disability doesn't fall under the Social Security Administration’s list of impairments, are complicated, or atypical. A...
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