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Robert Golan Wins Appeal to Remove Employment Requirement for Worker Scheduled for Surgery

Robert Golan, PC a worker’s compensation attorney serving Long Island, Queens, and other communities within Suffolk and Nassau counties, recently won an appeal that got the Workers Compensation Board to remove the requirement for an injured worker, under medical restriction, to seek for employment within the month prior to undergoing major surgery. The Trial Judge in the client's case required her to continue her job search before undergoing neck surgery or lose her benefits. Lawyers for disability appeals Queens, NY The Workers Compensation Law has required, for the past 6 years, that injured workers prove they are looking for employment within their medical restrictions in order to remain entitled to monetary benefits. This had included the requirement to apply for jobs immediately prior to undergoing surgery. Mr. Golan appealed to the Workers Compensation Board that this requirement didn’t make sense since most employers would not consider...
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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Collecting Workman’s Comp Benefits

While receiving workman's comp benefits it is important to be mindful of your actions. It is common for insurance companies to be on the lookout for cases of fraud. If they feel you have been dishonest about the extent of your work injury they can stop paying your workman's comp and also have you prosecuted. To avoid losing your workman's comp and becoming the center of a fraud investigation, there are several things you should never do while receiving workman's comp.

1. Don't Go on Vacation Without Discussing it with Your Attorney for Worker’s Compensation

Going on vacation shortly after an injury that has qualified you for workman's comp can have the insurance company taking a hard look into your life and your case. This may have been a planned vacation. It may be completely innocent. Consulting your worker’s comp attorney before going on any vacations will allow them to...
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Temporary Workers Need Workers Compensation Protection Too

Employers that hire temporary employees are legally responsible for protecting those employees from harm and compensating them if they are injured. State laws vary on the exact protections required but typically employers must give temporary employees the same protections as permanent employees, including education, personal protective gear, and coverage by workman's comp insurance. It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure the temporary employee can do their job safely and have work accident compensation if they are injured on the job.

What is a Temporary Worker?

A temporary worker is someone who comes to a company with an understanding that their position will be for a specific, limited time. Typically, this is less than one year. Companies may hire their own temps, borrow workers from other companies, or go through a staffing agency to acquire temporary workers.

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