Can I Work Even if I’m On Workers Compensation?

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You should always try any work that your employer offers. However, keep in mind that you can never be mandated to go back to your job beyond the limitations that your doctor sets for you.

Try Reasonable Employment

You must try certain work known as “reasonable employment” or “favored work” when it is offered by your employer. If you do not try this work, you might have to give up your right to wage loss benefits. This work if offered is within your medical limitations.

Know Your Limits Due to Your Work Injury

If, at some point, you are unable to work or you experience pain, stop what you are doing and inform your supervisor. You have the right to go see a doctor or go home.

Employers will often provide work for you that can go beyond your medical limitations or made to harm you. The employer’s goal is that you will stop working and give up any wage loss benefits. You should always try any work that your employer provides you with. However, if you are unable to perform any task because of your work injury, inform your superiors right away.

The Judge Decides if Work is Reasonable or Not

In the end, it is the decision of a judge if the work provided is within reason or not. If the judge sees that the work provided was not reasonable, you will be paid for the time that you declined to work. If you feel that your rights were violated, seek advice from such lawyers as a Suffolk County work injury lawyer.

Keep in mind that if you succeed in returning to work you still have the right to wage loss benefits if you stop working again. If you return to a job that pays less, you have the right to other wage loss benefits. This benefit is the difference between what you could have earned before your injury and what you are currently earning. If you have any concerns about your rights, reach out to a Suffolk County Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

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