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When Should You Appeal a Workers Comp Case Decision?

Many people don’t consider appealing their worker’s compensation decision or denial, but most should. If you feel you have a valid claim but were sent a denial letter, or, if you feel the terms of compensation offered to you are not consistent with your policy, you should appeal. Too many people think that the initial decision made by workers compensation is the final decision. They believe they should only appeal if there is new information, or if there was an error in the paperwork. In reality, most people who are denied workers’ compensation should use their right to appeal. Workers compensation is an insurance, and it is in their best interest to deny or minimize payments of as many workers compensation claims as they legally can. Statue of a gavel outside of a courthouse representing appeals of workers comp cases Queens, NY If...
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How to Handle a Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

Denied workers compensation claims Queens, NY When a Workers’ Compensation claim is denied, it can be a frustrating experience. Even when you have a legitimate injury, you may have to go through the appeals process. Employers and insurance companies will dispute a claim and use any evidence they can to prove their case. The judge may grant in their favor, depending on the circumstances of the evidence and the case. However, hope is not lost. There is still the appeals process.

Why Appeal?

When you have an injury, it is important for you to rest and recover. An injured worker may not be able to work in the same position, but could be put in a different position temporarily. Depending on the extent of the injury, the worker may have temporary disability and be required to stay out of work. If the worker lost the case...
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Steps to Appeal a Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

Denied claim for a work injury lawyer Long Island, NY Unfortunately, legitimate Workers’ Compensation claims are often denied by an insurer, which leads the injured employee to hire a lawyer. Here are some of the main reasons why legitimate Workers’ Compensation claims may be denied:
  • Lack of witness to incident
  • Delayed report of injury
  • The accident report and initial medical records conflict
  • You did not pass a drug test
  • Your claim was filed after employment termination
  • Refusal to provide a recorded statement
  • Refusal to sign medical authorizations
Employers strive to deny Workers' Compensation claims to avoid an increase in their insurance expenses and liability, and insurance companies look for some basis to deny the claim. However, this does not have to be the end of claim process. If you accept a denial letter with no further action, it may result in the loss of your...
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