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What diseases can come from your occupation? Find out from our Long Island Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

3 Types of Repetitive Motion Injuries That May Be Eligible for Workers Compensation Claims

Repetitive stress injuries have been around forever, and according to OSHA, they cause about 25% of the workplace injuries each year at a cost of about $15 billion. But what are some of these injuries, and what causes them?  

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Because so many modern jobs involve the use of a computer or some other data entry device, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is–by far–the most common repetitive stress injury. CTS affects more than 8 million Americans. But check-out clerks using barcode scanners, and assembly line workers, especially those who frequently use vibrating hand tools, are also common sufferers of CTS. Repetitive motion injuries requiring workers compensation lawyer Queens, NY Typical symptoms include tingling or a “pins-and-needles” sensation similar to that when one of your limbs fall asleep. In more extreme cases, you will notice pain, sometimes considerable pain, and weakness which makes it difficult to grasp objects, and...
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Job-Related Health Conditions and Workers’ Compensation

Long Island work injury compensation lawyer

It is common knowledge that Workers’ Compensation gives benefits to people that got hurt while working for anatomical injuries. These injuries can include breaking bones, being paralyzed, or even dying on the job because of a fall or other types of physical injury. Workers’ Compensation also covers benefits that help people who have “occupational diseases.” The workers contract these diseases from being exposed to chemicals, infirmities, or other substances during their time of employment on the job. Since Workers’ Compensation laws vary by the state, an injured employee should contact a lawyer that specializes in Workmen’s Compensation as soon as they can.

Each State’s Definition of Occupational Disease Differs

Due to the fact that every state defines occupational disease differently, an employee that gets hurt on the job should contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney as soon as possible. There are lawyers that...
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Time Limits to Occupational Disease Workers’ Compensation Benefit Claims

When a worker gets injured or gets a disease from their work activities, they are quite often denied the benefits they deserve because a specific action cannot be pinpointed for the issue. This is not a necessary aspect to garner Workers' Compensation benefits. Here’s why.

The Problem with Occupational Injuries and Workers' Compensation

There is a clause that specifies occupational injury or disease. These conditions cannot be exacted to a specific event or time, but rather happen over a longitudinal period of time. Examples include those who work in the coal industry, construction and even those in less active positions in assembly and clerical work. Each and every one of these situations may be compensated under New York laws. Seeking the aid of our Long Island Workers' Compensation Law Firm can help in determining the merits of a claim.

Time Limits for Filing an Occupational Disease Case for Benefits

Occupational diseases are those that...
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