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Recovering from a Workplace Injury

If you’ve been injured at work, you may be unsure of what to do next. After a workplace injury, make sure you care for your physical and financial health with these steps.

Immediately After the injury

Seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if the injury seems minor. When you file a Nassau County worker’s compensation claim, you can more easily prove that your injury is work-related if you seek treatment early. Be sure to tell your doctor that you were injured on the job. Robert Golan disability lawyers Nassau, NY Report the injury to your employer. Reporting your workplace injury immediately, or within 30 days at most, is crucial to receiving appropriate compensation. Don’t think you need to power through your injury or tough it out. If you were injured at work in a way that requires treatment or alters your work ability, you are entitled...
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How to Prepare for a Worker’s Compensation Independent Medical Exam

If you’ve been seriously injured at work, you may need an independent medical exam (IME) to determine your worker’s compensation benefits. If you have an IME coming up, don’t worry. Here are five ways to prepare:

Talk to your attorney

Your Queens worker’s compensation disability attorney is the most valuable asset you have in navigating your worker’s comp claim. Your lawyer can help you use your independent medical exam to your advantage. He may advise you to emphasize a particular aspect of your injury or give you tips concerning your specific examiner.

Bring a witness

Your attorney may ask you to bring a witness to your IME. A witness can be useful if you have concerns about the fairness of the exam. If you decide to bring a witness, ask a trusted friend or family member to come along to the appointment. You may ask the witness to...

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Handling Your Employer During A Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you file a Workers’ Compensation claim due to a work injury, you may find that your employer is not as supportive as you might expect. Your boss may seem more concerned with how your injury affects their bottom line than your recovery

Why Company’s Challenge Workers’ Compensation Claims

Your company may challenge your claim if they feel that they are not responsible for you injury or illness. Most companies consider their employees to be assets. Unfortunately, when you are injured at work you become an instant liability. Your employer may challenge your worker’s comp claim if they believe that: - You are embellishing or exaggerating the seriousness of your injury/illness - You have not returned to work after what they consider being ample recovery time - Your injury occurred elsewhere or that you had an injury or condition before your claim

Tips on Going Back to Work Despite an Ongoing Claim Dispute

Discovering that your employer...
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