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Common Workplace Hazards Working in Healthcare

Healthcare is a booming industry. Especially as the baby boomer generation ages, there is an increased demand for healthcare workers. Unfortunately, there are also many hazards healthcare workers face. Some of these potential workplace hazards that can cause serious illness and injury to healthcare workers including (but not limited to) long term disability and death. Healthcare worker that needs a workers comp lawyer Nassau, NY

Biological Hazards

Healthcare workers are exposed to a wide variety of biological hazards. These include blood and body fluids that can contain bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Patients seek out healthcare when they are ill and naturally this places the healthcare team at risk of exposure to those illnesses through contact with infected patients.

Chemical and Drug Exposure

There are many possible ways for healthcare workers to be exposed to drugs and chemical hazards. Strong chemicals are used to keep healthcare facilities sanitary but...
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Requirements for Employers Scheduling Employees Working in Winter Weather

Winter weather creates a variety of hazards that can cause work-related injuries. Employers must do their best to keep their staff safe in cold, snow, and ice.


Employers should have guidelines and procedures specifically for working in winter conditions. Employees should know what these rules are and they   should be strictly enforced. Additionally, employees who will be exposed to winter elements should be taught to watch for signs of cold stress. Cold stress is when an individual's skin temperature starts to drop. If cold exposure continues, the internal temperature of a person's body could drop which can lead to serious long-term injury and even death. Understanding warning signs of cold stress to watch for in oneself and one's co-workers can prevent illness and injury. Employees should learn how to treat cold stress in their specific work environments. This can include moving out of the wind, changing wet clothing, and...
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5 Questions to Ask a Worker’s Comp Lawyer

You've just scheduled your free lawyer consultation with a worker’s comp lawyer but now you have no idea what to do next. Below are five questions you should be asking during that free lawyer consultation to find the best attorney for worker's compensation to represent you.

1. What is Your Experience?

This may seem obvious but during the free lawyer consultation is the perfect time to find out about the attorney and their practice. How many workers comp cases does this lawyer typically deal with? You want a lawyer who primarily deals with worker's compensation cases. Law is an extremely specialized field. When you are searching for lawyers for worker's compensation you want to be sure your attorney specializes in that field. An attorney whose practice specializes in worker’s compensation will have experience as well as the most up to date information on any worker’s compensation law changes. Client... 						</div>
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