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Uncover the most common work injury types that take place in workplaces on Long Island and how our Workers’ Compensation attorney helps.

What Do You Need from a Doctor for Workers’ Comp Cases?

Depending on your state's laws there may be two different doctors involved in your workers’ compensation case. One is there to perform an IME or an independent medical exam. This doctor typically will not be involved in your care and is only there to give findings about your injury. The other, more important, doctor will be the one caring for you and coordinating your care.

Can I Go to My Primary Care Doctor?

State laws vary. Some states allow you to see your family doctor while others allow the insurance company or your employer to decide what doctor will treat you. There is often a concern that doctors chosen by anyone but the patient will exhibit bias. They may understate injuries in their documentation, avoid sending the patient to costly specialists, and force the patient to return to work too soon. If you feel like the physician caring for you doesn't...
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What Are Federal Workers Compensation Claims?

Most employees who work for the federal government are covered under the Federal Employees Compensation Act, also called FECA. Eagle representing FECA for federal employees’ workers compensation Nassau, NY


An early version of this act was created in 1882 and updated in 1908. The version which is used today was signed into law in 1916, however, there have been many amendments added to it.

Why Does It Exist?

When employees work for private companies their worker’s compensation is determined on a state by state basis. Private employees also have the ability to sue their employer if their injury or illness was due to negligence. Federal employees aren't covered by individual state laws and they aren't able to sue the United States of America, their employer, even if it was employer negligence that caused their injuries. As a result, the government introduced FECA to offer their civilian employees protection usually...
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Reasons a Worker’s Comp Claim Might be Denied

Unfortunately, accidents happen and when they happen at work, most employees assume that they will be covered by workers compensation. When they are informed their claim has been denied it is common to feel frustrated, scared, stressed, and disheartened. Denied workers compensation claim Queens, NY There are many reasons a claim might be denied and having a worker’s comp lawyer to help you fight the denial is key in getting the claim decision reversed. Here are some reasons that a claim might be denied.

1.  Eligibility

Workers compensation is for those employed by a company and may not extend to contractors or freelancers. At times, an employee may be incorrectly classified by their employer and having an experienced worker’s compensation attorney to assist in proving that you meet the employment status requirements is vital.

2.  Severity

Illness and injuries entitled to workers compensation must be severe enough to...
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