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Should I Sign an Insurance Company Workers Comp Claim to Settle?

You've been the victim of a work accident or injury and the insurance company wants you to settle. They are offering you money today if you just sign on the dotted line. Should you take the offer, counteroffer, or pursue your day in court? Settling workers comp claims Nassau, NY There isn't an easy answer to this question.

Advantages of a Settlement

There are two main advantages of accepting a settlement. The first of those advantages is time. Taking a case to court can draw it out for months and often years. Signing the settlement gets you cash in hand sooner. The second advantage is that, once you sign, you are guaranteed to get the money agreed upon. If you take the case to the court there is always a chance you will lose your case or that the amount you are granted will be less than the settlement offered.


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What Are Federal Workers Compensation Claims?

Most employees who work for the federal government are covered under the Federal Employees Compensation Act, also called FECA. Eagle representing FECA for federal employees’ workers compensation Nassau, NY


An early version of this act was created in 1882 and updated in 1908. The version which is used today was signed into law in 1916, however, there have been many amendments added to it.

Why Does It Exist?

When employees work for private companies their worker’s compensation is determined on a state by state basis. Private employees also have the ability to sue their employer if their injury or illness was due to negligence. Federal employees aren't covered by individual state laws and they aren't able to sue the United States of America, their employer, even if it was employer negligence that caused their injuries. As a result, the government introduced FECA to offer their civilian employees protection usually...
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