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Find out about how to receive Workers’ Compensation on Long Island for injuries in the workplace.

Robert Golan Wins Appeal for a Thermometer Factory Worker Denied Monetary Benefits

Robert Golan, PC a worker’s compensation attorney serving Suffolk and Nassau counties, recently won an appeal in the case of a thermometer factory worker who was exposed to mercury and developed mercury poisoning. The Trial Judge ruled that although she was in fact exposed to mercury at work and could no longer work in any environment containing mercury, she was otherwise healthy, and was not entitled to workers compensation monetary benefits. Workers Comp Attorney Suffolk, NY The Trial Judge based his Decision on a specific case precedent. Mr. Golan successfully argued that the case precedent was different from the client’s case and that the client was disabled and entitled to monetary benefits, until she could find alternative employment at the same earning level. The Appellate Court reversed the Decision of the Trial Judge. The client wrote: "Thank you so much for fighting to get me the...
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What If Your Employer Doesn’t Have Worker’s Comp Insurance?

Laws vary by state, but most employers are required to carry workers comp insurance. This is the case for the state of New York. This protects not only the workers but also the company. In many cases, failure to do so is a crime. Accident representing the need for New York Workers Compensation benefits Queens, NY

What If My Employer Isn't Following the Law or is Exempt?

Despite the fact that employers are required by law to carry worker’s comp insurance, there are some employers who don’t. That doesn’t mean that you, as an employee, have no recourse if you are injured on the job. If you are an employee who was hurt at work, there are laws protecting you. You may be eligible to get money to cover lost wages, medical bills, and other monetary losses that occurred because of your injuries.


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When Should You Appeal a Workers Comp Case Decision?

Many people don’t consider appealing their worker’s compensation decision or denial, but most should. If you feel you have a valid claim but were sent a denial letter, or, if you feel the terms of compensation offered to you are not consistent with your policy, you should appeal. Too many people think that the initial decision made by workers compensation is the final decision. They believe they should only appeal if there is new information, or if there was an error in the paperwork. In reality, most people who are denied workers’ compensation should use their right to appeal. Workers compensation is an insurance, and it is in their best interest to deny or minimize payments of as many workers compensation claims as they legally can. Statue of a gavel outside of a courthouse representing appeals of workers comp cases Queens, NY If...
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