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The construction industry is the most dangerous industry for workers in the United States, with 937 worker fatalities each year. Follow these three tips to stay safe on the job:
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Double check scaffolds and ladders

Falls are the number one cause of death on construction sites. Keep yourself safe by thoroughly inspecting ladders and scaffolds before using them. Before using a ladder, make sure it is high enough to reach at least a meter above the landing, doesn’t wobble, and can hold the weight of the workers and their tools. Be sure to secure the base and top of the ladder properly. Scaffolds should be inspected by a professional each work day before use.

Be diligent about fall protection

No matter how careful you are while working on a scaffold or ladder, you are still at risk of falling. That’s why you should always use fall protection to avoid a Nassau County worker’s compensation case. Never work in an area in which fall protections have yet to be installed. Inspect your fall protection system for damage before each use. Make sure that your lanyard or lifeline is short enough to prevent you from hitting the ground in the event of a fall.

Always wear appropriate protective gear

Head protection and eye and face protection is a critical aspect of construction site safety. Head protection must be worn anytime there is a risk of being hit on the head. On most construction sites, that risk is always present. When dealing with hazards such as chemical gasses, flying particles, acids, liquid chemicals, or molten metal, always wear face and eye protection. Make sure your protective gear fits snugly without inhibiting movement and does not have any dents, chips, or cracks.

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