Dealing with Conflicts of Interest Among Workers’ Compensation Doctors

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Robert Golan

It’s already tough enough to go through the Workers’ Compensation medical process. However, since you have to be diagnosed or evaluated by doctors hired by your employer’s insurance company, it becomes even more difficult. While your own physician can still treat you, the claim you make will largely depend on the opinion of the physicians chosen from the approved list of doctors from the insurance company.

Problems with Doctor Competence

According to a recent article in Business Insurance, many doctors decide to work for insurance companies because they want a good paycheck. Unfortunately, many of the doctors that have specialties do not perform medical evaluations for Workmans’ Compensation insurance companies. In some cases, an insurance company may no longer use a doctor that frequently disagrees with insurance adjusters.

Since many Workers’ Compensation claims include injuries that are tough to diagnose, doctors on the insurance company’s list may not have the competency to diagnose the problem or they may not offer the best possible treatment. This is why a second opinion is so important.

The Independent Medical Exam

In some cases, an insurance company may require an Independent Medical Exam (IME). The Workers’ Compensation insurance company usually pays doctors hired to take care of these exams as well. This physician doesn’t treat you, but they take a closer look at all the medical documents and notes that are related to your Workers’ Comp claim.

Doctors Connected to Health Care Facilities

Some doctors have been known to order tests that were really unnecessary because they are connected to a health care facility. Unfortunately, if your insurance company decides that those tests weren’t necessary, you may be left on the hook for the cost of those tests.

Because there can be so many conflicts of interest among doctors working for Workers’ Compensation companies, having a good Workmans’ Compensation attorney on Long Island is important. Get in touch with our Long Island Workers’ Compensation law firm today to get the help you need dealing with your workers’ comp case.

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