Do I Need to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

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Robert Golan

In some injury cases you might not need to hire a lawyer. If you have only suffered small injuries that won’t require you to take a lot of time off work, and you’re sure that you won’t suffer from your injuries in the future, you might be able to handle the situation yourself. However, it is always a good idea to consult with a Long Island Workers’ Compensation law firm just in case.

How Does a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help Your Case?

In some Workers’ Comp cases, you might feel that you don’t need a lawyer, but an experienced attorney will be able to foresee that you will have issues down the road without retaining a professional. What seems like a small injury now, like a minor back pain that you assume is just a pulled muscle, could end up turning into a major problem down the road.

If your case is not a straightforward one, the attorney will often be able to foresee that the employer’s insurance company is not going to be willing to pay an adequate settlement without a trial. Representing yourself at a worker’s comp trial can be a huge mistake and get you much less compensation than you deserve.

Signs You Should Hire a Worker’s Compensation Attorney:

  1. Your injuries are bad enough to significantly affect your life now or down the road. For example, you will need to have surgery and take time off to recover.
  2. Your place of employment is not properly insured for worker’s comp claims.
  3. Your physician has doubts that you will make a full recovery or suggests that your quality of life might not be the same as before the accident.
  4. You already had other disabilities prior to the accident.
  5. The insurance company has already denied to pay the claim.
  6. You are not happy with the benefits or medical treatment you are receiving.
  7. You don’t think you can work regularly at your current job or any future employment.
  8. You are confused or stressed out about the worker’s comp process and would prefer to have an expert handle the claim on your behalf.

Keep in mind that there is no harm in consulting with a worker’s compensation lawyer. An experienced Long Island Workers’ Compensation law firm can let you know during the free consultation if your case is simple and straightforward enough that you can handle it on your own.

Since attorneys work on a contingency basis, they do not earn money unless they win a significant settlement or verdict in your case. Therefore, they have no incentive to lie to you and tell you that you don’t need a lawyer if you really don’t need one.

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