Robert Golan, PC Wins Two Important Workers Comp Cases

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Robert Golan

Robert Golan, PC of Golan & Masiakos, LLP has won two important cases for his clients recently. As one of the best lawyers for workers compensation cases in Nassau, NY, Robert Golan fights the insurance companies to get the medical treatment and compensation needed for his clients and gets results.


The first case involved a woman who got injured volunteering for a religious institution. She assisted with religious observances by preparing and serving food, cleaning up afterwards, handing out programs and paperwork for congregants and more. She fractured her leg after a slip and fall, and the insurance company contested the case on the grounds that as a volunteer she was not entitled to workers compensation benefits.

Mr. Golan argued that because the employer derived a benefit from her voluntary services that they otherwise would have had to pay someone to perform, she was entitled to benefits. The judge agreed and she received medical treatment and compensation for her injury.

The best lawyer for worker compensation in Nassau, NY

Another case involved a woman who fell on a waxy floor at the hospital where she worked and hit her head, which caused a detached retina in her eye. The insurance company contested the case claiming that her symptoms–seeing floaters and flashers in her field of vision–didn’t appear until months later, so the head injury could not have caused the detached retina.

Mr. Golan won the case by obtaining the medical reports that proved that she did complain of seeing floaters and flashers in her vision right after the accident. A clear indication that the detached retina was a direct result of the fall at her workplace and she received workers compensation benefits. These benefits included having workers compensation pay for her medical treatment as well as receiving monetary compensation for her loss of vision as the result of the detached retina.

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