Heavy Trucks Can Cause Work Accidents On the Road

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Heavy transport trucks are required to carry various levels of insurance coverage that is dependent on the nature of the materials being hauled. In truck collisions, it is common for leasing companies to fight over which company is responsible for compensating the victim. There are federal regulations in place to protect innocent victims by helping to ensure coverage.

Proving Your Case in a Trucking Accident

When you’re trying to prove your case in a trucking accident, the most common legal theory of liability is negligence. If you’re injured, you have to prove that the truck driver or trucking company was liable for the accident you were involved in. You must be able to show the defendant failed to exercise reasonable care, failed to exercise reasonable care and that neglect caused the injury, or that the defendant owed the plaintiff the duty to exercise care to avoid an injury.

Reasons that Cause Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are caused by a variety of reasons, and some factors are more common than the others. The three general categories for trucking accident causes are driver error, external conditions, and defective equipment.

Driver Error

Driver error is the leading cause of trucking accidents. From gross negligence to simple accidents, a lack of training and / or experience can cause the driver to make poor decisions. These decisions often result in wide turns, abrupt lane changes, and dangerous interactions on the roadway. Drug abuse or alcohol can hinder a truck driver’s ability to drive safely. Schedule pressure and fatigue also impact truck drivers and cause many accidents and fatalities annually.

External Conditions

Trucks and tractor trailers are very large, and are at an increased risk when there are any dangerous external conditions. Snowstorms, narrow bridges, ice on the rod, fog, and heavy rain can cause accidents.

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