How a Long Island Workers Compensation Attorney Can Help You with Rehabilitation into Work

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Robert Golan

Obtaining a Long Island workers compensation attorney is necessary for individuals who have been injured as the result of a work-related accident. These attorneys are committed to working with the injured employee to receive the maximum compensation that would permit them a new life style with any disabilities from the accident.

The most significant reason to obtain a workers compensation attorney is because they take the time to educate the victim and their employer in the Workman’s Compensation Act and in New York vocational rehabilitation. These two state agencies work together to provide the employee who was injured or disabled while working.

Below are three features of the Workman’s Compensation Act that are essential to understand.

1. They employer is required to pay all medical costs for the victim’s injuries. Medical rehabilitation is a complete service that allows the victim to reach the highest level of functioning and independence, and it has to be prescribed by a doctor.

2. Physical accommodations and special needs during and after recovery.

3. If the person has been injured so extensively that they cannot return to their job, vocational rehabilitation will educate the, in another trade. Counselors are provided and the victim can be trained in other employment. They provide a plan of progress for re-entry back into the job market and assist with selective job placement.

Social workers are available in developing a fulfilling life for the injured employee. They are able to assist with the concerns of the disability and rehabilitation, networking within the community, and financial problems.

Securing an experienced Long Island workers compensation attorney will ensure all the details of the compensation are addressed. Vocational rehabilitation is part of what the employer is responsible for in the compensation, and the attorney makes sure that the injured client receives all their benefits.

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