How a Suffolk County Work Accident Compensation Lawyer Helps with Your Concussion Case

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Obtain Legal Advice for Concussion Symptoms

A concussion is the term used for a minor traumatic brain injury that can occur when the head hits an object or a moving object strikes the head. Loss of consciousness may or may not occur, but concussions can affect how the brain works. A local Suffolk County work accident compensation lawyer is someone who knows how and when to obtain proper medical treatment for post-concussive symptoms, which vary from person to person and can lead to headaches, changes in alertness or loss of consciousness.

Having cat scans scans of the brain are normal for those who have suffered concussions and no other evidence of injury exist, yet frustrating symptoms may persist. Although the bruise or cut on the head that initially signaled the injury may be gone, symptoms like dizziness, difficulty waking, sleepiness throughout the day, fatigue, blurred vision and possibly depression may remain.

In some cases, neurologists treating concussions cannot accurately predict when symptoms will subside. Other than prescribing pain medications for headaches, there is little that neurologists can do following the initial diagnosis.

How Your Suffolk County Work Injury Compensation Lawyer Can Help In Your Work Accident Concussion Case

Your neurologist and your Suffolk County work injury compensation lawyer can work together, however, if symptoms you experience may be due to injury to the cervical spine that occurred from a job-related accident. Neurologists can help educate and reassure you that most concussions do not result in permanent brain injury.

American Medical Association guidelines make it difficult to determine whether post-concussive symptoms are cause for permanent impairment because these symptoms are considered subjective. In lieu of diagnostic tests showing physical brain injury, only findings by a neuropsychologist may determine presence of physical brain injury.

Consult a Local Suffolk County Work Injury Lawyer for Help

Consult a local Suffolk County work injury lawyer for advice on obtaining supporting medical reports of persistent brain injury to obtain a rating for possible concussion compensation if any impairments related to memory loss and inability to function are present.

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