How a Suffolk County Work Injury Lawyer Helps With Your Traumatic Head or Brain Injury Compensation Claim

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Although the visible wounds from a traumatic head or brain injury may heal quickly, they often leave behind debilitating consequences, which may linger for a lifetime. If you were involved in a work accident where you were not at fault and suffered a head or brain injury, you may be eligible to file a claim resulting in monetary compensation. Speaking to a Suffolk County work accident compensation lawyer should be your first step in starting this legal process.

Possible Consequences from Brain or Head Injuries

Brain or head injuries often leave internal damage not visible to the naked eye. Consequently, people who have such injuries are sometimes accused of faking or exaggerating their injuries to benefit financially. To the layperson, it can be hard to understand how someone can claim to be severely injured yet not display any visible outward signs. This is why it is important to contact an expert Suffolk County work injury lawyer as they have expertise in these types of compensation claims.

Two Types of Brain Injury Claims a Suffolk Work Injury Compensation Lawyer Can Help You With

There are two different types of brain injury claims that a Suffolk County work injury compensation lawyer can discuss with you. Penetrating head injuries and closed head injuries. Penetrating head injuries involve the victim sustaining an open wound, which is visible. It also involves penetration of the skull or brain and surrounding brain tissue. A closed head injury is the more common of the two. It is also most often the most traumatic.

It has a broad range of severity from a mild concussion to debilitating brain damage. The resulting injuries can range from mild to complete disability, loss of physical function or even death. With both types of injuries damage may occur at the time of the initial accident, later as a result of swelling of bleeding, or both.

How Much Could You Receive for a Head Injury Claim?

A Suffolk Country work injury compensation lawyer can discuss with you how much you may receive for your head injury claim. This amount varies and is dependent on many different factors such as the extent of negligence involved, loss of income, loss of functionality and medical reports. In general, the average award from a head injury claim is higher than most other claims.

A court will look at many different factors when determining how much to award. They will take into account the pain and suffering of the victim, initial medical costs, potential future medical costs, cost to modify your home if there is a loss of ambulatory skills, future loss of earnings, nursing care, and more. A Suffolk County work injury lawyer will individually assess your case and determine how much you may be able to receive.

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