How an Attorneys Helps with Your Back and Neck Injury Compensation from Work Related Accidents

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Robert Golan

On Long Island, the law Office of Robert Golan, PC provides individualized service and legal representation. Representation includes injured workers in Nassau and other surrounding areas. Providing representation as a Nassau work injury compensation lawyer has been for over a decade, a primary focus. This has resulted in a vast knowledge of compensation help for clients experiencing back and neck injuries.

These include:

– Herniated disks
– Lower back injuries
– Spinal cord paralysis or injury
– Cervical injuries of the neck
– Nerve damage
– Fractured or broken vertebrae

The Challenge to Securing Injury Compensation in Nassau Today

Securing benefits from a back or neck injury has become a much greater challenge due to the statute written in regards to Workers’ Compensation. Within several months, new guidelines will be published by New York, and for many, the life-long benefits and various other injuries will be capped. This, however, will depend on your disability with an expected 4 to 9 year benefit plan. As a Nassau Workers’ Compensation attorney, we regularly review new guidelines with a fine-tooth comb, to represent and help solidify your deserved benefits.

What to Expect if You Are Permanently Disabled

After sustained treatment, if you are convinced that you have permanently damaged your back or neck, a partial disability settlement may be in order, to equate to the amount of damage sustained. If the damage is too severe, and you are no longer able to work again, you may be entitled to receive permanent disability, which will cover some of your expected future earnings.

Contact Me, Your Local Nassau Work Injury Lawyer, for Help with Your Case

As a Nassau work injury lawyer, I am available to keep you informed of options regarding your case, and to keep you up to date on the progress being made. Contact me for a free consultation for your case at 516-586-3910.

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