How are Workers’ Comp Attorneys Compensated?

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When deciding how to pursue your workers’ compensation case, you are likely concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney. Will you have to pay upfront? How much will you have to pay? What happens if you lose your case? This post aims to answer these questions.

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Most workers’ comp attorneys are paid through a contingency fee. Rather than paying upfront for their services, you will pay them a percentage of the benefits or settlement you receive. Under this system, you will only pay the attorney’s fee if you win your case. Contingency fees allow anyone, even those strapped for cash, to seek legal assistance. They also give attorneys strong incentive to fight for the most possible benefits for their clients.

Contingency fees are regulated differently depending on your state. In New York, the judge in your case may determine your lawyer’s contingency fee. The fee will usually range from 10 to 20 percent of your final settlement or benefits. This percentage is usually based on the complexity of your case and the amount of benefits you may receive. A case that is settled before going to court will usually yield a lower percentage than a case that requires a hearing or trial.

Other expenses in a workers’ compensation case include case-related costs. Your attorney has to pay for administrative expenses such as copying expenses and postage fees, as well as requests for medical records, court filing fees, and travel expenses. These costs are not covered in the attorney’s fee. Your attorney may charge you for these expenses as they become due or deduct them from your final settlement or benefits. Make sure you understand all costs and expenses you will be responsible for before signing an agreement with an attorney.

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