How Do I Move Forward with a Workers’ Compensation Appeal

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Robert Golan

When a Long Island workers compensation law firm decides to represent a client on appeal, there’s always a possibility of dispute after the compensation ruling. The intent to appeal a Workers’ Compensation claim denial can have widespread implications applied at each stage. During the initial appeal process, you may have a victorious ruling in the next stage, after a thorough review of the case records.

Administrative Law Judges and Your Case

A Long Island workman’s compensation attorney will file a petition for a judge to review the case. During the hearing process, an administrative law judge (ALJ) will be appointed to make a decision based on rights of the claimant, in regards to the facts of the case.

After the case is prepared for review, the Long Island work accident compensation lawyer will work on the appeal, in order for the administrative appeal process to move along efficiently, for a timely judicial decision.

Hearings for Court Appeals

Either side may appeal the decision by the ALJ within 30 days. The final decision is then sent for case review to the Appellate Division, Third Department, of the State of New York Supreme Court, which considers the merits of the case based on the facts that were previously rendered. It can affirm, deny or reverse the ruling.

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There is no time to waste in appeal hearings. Our firm has a solid record of victories in appeal cases. Part of our service is that we sit down with our clients and help them truly understand the dynamics of unchallenged claims. Not appealing a denial could result in an enormous loss of injury compensation. Contact me for a free consultation for your case at 516-586-3910.

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