How Firefighters’ Long Island Workers Compensation Covers Injuries on the Job

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Robert Golan

Just like any other injured worker, firefighters who are injured on the job in Long Island, NY are entitled to workers compensation benefits. Workers Comp includes payment on medical treatment, doctors’ bills, a percentage of lost salary, and any necessary disability pay. If a worker’s injury proves to be fatal, death benefits are also included in worker’s comp. Firefighters have a very dangerous occupation that is known and sometimes fought in other states, work injury compensation Long Island should still be paid.

In New York, both volunteer and apprentice firefighters are covered under worker’s compensation benefits. Both part time and full time firefighters are covered for Long Island work injury compensation also. In other states, these laws are different so having them in place in New York is incredibly beneficial to firefighters.

The workers compensation benefits are covered for injuries that were created during an actual fire or other on the job assignment such as maintaining the fire trucks, or cleaning the facility. Any type of illness caused by smoke inhalation is also covered. Broken bones, stress injuries from repetitive motions, cancers from long term smoke inhalation, injuries from training exercises and obviously, burns, are all covered by workmans compensation benefits. Of course, each and every workers compensation claim is different so it’s important to discuss cases with doctors and lawyers.

If you are a fire fighter in New York, it can be incredibly beneficial to talk with a workers’ compensation attorney Long Island to discuss your benefits. If an accident occurs or you are dealing with any type of illness you feel is related to your job, contact a Long Island workers’ compensation attorney today. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Robert Golan, PC can discuss your case with you in detail to see if you are fully covered.

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