How Long Island Work Injury Compensation Benefits Back or Neck Injured Workers

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Robert Golan

If you’ve had an accident at work that resulted in back and neck injuries, you can seek Long Island work injury compensation. When you are injured on the job, you may find that your employer does not take your case seriously. Neck and back injuries are serious and can result in debilitating conditions.

Long Island work injury compensation is set aside for this reason because you will need money for wages lost, medical care, rehabilitation, and prescriptions. On the job accidents can happen at any time. Some workers are in more immediate danger, depending on the job position. Back and neck injuries can happen from slips and falls to pushing or lifting something heavy.

Low Back and Neck Strain

When a work injury occurs that causes low back or neck strain, it is usually from lifting heavy items or performing repetitive movements. Lifting, bending, twisting, squatting, and stooping can cause any worker back or neck injuries. Low back and neck strains are painful because the muscle is stretched or torn.

Disc Injuries

Workers who experience the work injury of herniated, slipped, or ruptured discs could be in constant pain. When this occurs, it is because the disc between the bones of vertebrae moves out of position.

If a worker has degenerative disc disease before starting work, they can experience aggravation of this disease. This could cause lower back and neck pain that can lead to serious conditions for the individual.

These individuals with degenerative disc disease can experience aggravation from manual jobs that require repetitive movements and lifting heavy items.

Injuries that involve back and neck pain may require long-term treatment as well as ongoing X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans. Medical treatment can often be expensive because of the nature of correction and rehabilitation involved in these types of work injuries.

A worker who experiences back or neck injuries can contact an experienced lawyer for help in their Long Island work injury compensation case. Robert Golan, PC provides a free case evaluation for Long Island, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk County and surrounding area injured workers.

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