How to Avoid Neck Injuries at Work

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The neck is a part of the body that is particularly prone to injury, especially in work environments. Consider some of these common risk factors for neck injuries:



  • Repetitive activities – Especially when working at a computer work station
  • Falls
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Falling objects
  • Auto accidents

All of these activities occur often as part of any work assignment, even many white-collar jobs that are assumed to be less risky for neck injuries. The most common injuries are not serious in nature and rarely lead to permanent disability. Instances of injuries such as neck sprains, neck strains, repetitive strain, and even whiplash can be greatly reduced with just a few simple tips and avoid the necessity of hiring disability lawyers.

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Wear Head Protective Gear

Hard hats not only protect the head, but can help protect the neck as well. These are an essential part of the personal protection equipment in several industries such as construction, logging, and electrical. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hard hats worn by 16% of workers sustained injuries and of those injuries, over 85% reported only minor injuries such as cuts and bruises to the forehead or scalp. Despite this, head and neck injuries that occur as a result of not wearing a hard hat when required is still high. It is estimated that there were over 65,000 instances of head injuries that resulted in time away from work.

Use Good Posture

Using good posture to keep your spine and neck in alignment can limit the strain on the muscles and ligaments of the neck. When you lean forward slightly–an all-too-common occurrence for those working on computers–puts more pressure on the cervical spine, and can strain the muscles of the neck creating pain and considerable discomfort.

Take Frequent Breaks

If you performing routine, repetitive tasks it is extremely important to take breaks because of the vulnerability of the neck, strains and aches in other areas may result in neck pain. Doing any activity for too long of a time can create pain and, eventually, possible injury.

Perform Stretches and Exercises for the Neck

Staying active is the best way to prevent injuries to the neck. Part of this is to perform exercises and stretches that target and strengthen the neck muscles. These types of exercises often strengthen the core as well. These also improve your posture making neck injuries less of a risk factor.

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