How to File For Long Island Workers Compensation Income Benefits After A Workplace Accident

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Robert Golan

Workplace accidents happen all the time. Regardless of how hard we try to prevent them, things can still go wrong. After a severe workplace accident, questions have to be asked and reports have to be filed. Under the Workers’ Compensation Law, if a worker is hurt or injured during the course of performing their job, the place of employment is responsible for the medical costs the worker may incur while in recovery.

Workers’ compensation benefits may also be granted to the employee on a weekly basis to replace the regular income lost while absent from work. The amount of compensation that can be received depends on the employee’s average weekly wage and the extent of the injury.

A medical report needs to be filed with the Workers’ Compensation Board before benefits are granted. The report needs to confirm that the incident is work related. Accidents suffered while traveling to and from work are generally not covered unless there are certain exceptions. The Board will not consider a case without this report.

Seeking the advice of a Long Island workers compensation attorney will help in understanding the rules and regulations on this law. The injured worker must also give the employer a written report of the accident within 30 days of when it transpired. If the employer already has knowledge of the accident within this time frame, the Workers’ Compensation Board usually excuses it.

If you’ve had an accident in the workplace, you can contact a Long Island workers compensation lawyer for a free consultation and advice on the matter before making the decision to go forth with the lawsuit.

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